Sunday, August 14, 2005

* * Bringing Freedom & Democracy to Iraq * *

What "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq" means under the Bush II Administration:

Unemployment is at 50-65%, vs. 5% prior to "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq"

Barbers post signs refusing to shave men in fear of being killed by religious extremists;

Fundamentalist Muslims militias now patrol portions of the country - executing opponents with impunity;

Electricity is off for days at a time - in 120 degree heat, vs. little outage prior to "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq";

Water is in short and unpredictable supply vs. plentiful supplies prior to "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq";

Parents keep children indoors in fear of kidnapping;

The stated goal of a secular and modern country is now quickly morphing into an Islamic Republic vs. secular government prior to "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq";

Women’s rights severely limited vs. open & full womens rights prior to "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq";

Killings of government security forces have tripled since January;

Over 4000 civilians have been killed in the country’s capital since the government took over on April 28, 2005;

Attacks on US security forces have doubled over the last year. Convoys are attacked an astounding 30% of the time and attacks are growing in sophistication and damages;

Oil production is 2.2 million barrels per day vs. 2.67 million barrels per day prior to "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq". That’s an 18% drop - almost 1/5th;

A ripening and sophisticated insurrection is now operating in full bloom over the entire country, with terrorist recruits streaming in from many other nations;

Yet, officials of the Bush II Administration have the unmitigated gall to claim they are improving Iraq by their version of "Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq"!

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