Friday, August 19, 2005

The Turd, Blossoming

"I will never divulge classified information to anyone unauthorized to receive it”.
- Karl Rove

Standard Form 312(SF-312) (Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement) was read and signed by Karl Rove;

This document, signed by ROVE acknowledged that he was aware that the unauthorized disclosure of classified information by him could cause irreparable injury to the United States or could be used to advantage by a foreign nation and that he would never divulge classified information to an unauthorized person. He further acknowledged that he would never divulge classified information unless he had officially verified that the recipient was authorized by the United States to receive it. Additionally, he agreed that if he was uncertain about the classification status of information, he was required to confirm from an authorized official that the information is unclassified before he could disclose it.

Some Neo-Cons defend Rove saying that he didn’t know that the information he was passing could be used to the detriment of the United States, but the law does not say a violator must be aware that the information he or she is communicating could cause harm to the United States if exposed. It only sets as a criterion that the violator "willfully" communicates this information.

Rove, who disclosed Valerie Wilson's identity to at least two reporters, cannot argue he was not "willfully" communicating this information to others.

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