Friday, August 12, 2005

Resume' of a Brave Patriotic American


RESUME’ of a Brave & Patriotic Young American:

Born on Memorial Day, 1981

Good Roman Catholic;

Alter Boy;

Helped found church youth group;

Sincere Christian in church each and every Sunday, and Mass in between;

Eagle Scout;

Enlisted in the US Army & served his enlistment;

Reenlisted to serve in Iraq;

In the prime of life at age 24;

Volunteered for a rescue mission in Iraq;

This patriot did not survive - he was killed doing his duty being a brave soldier.

Now, this patriot’s mother has some hard questions to ask the person directly responsible for the war in Iraq which led directly to her son’s death. For one thing she would like some answers about the administration’s passel of lies leading up to the war to ‘justify’ it. Every bit as brave as her son she has personally gone to see the President of the United States at his 'vacation ranch' to ask her questions. She has camped out there for over a week while the President has avoided her and the right wing press has vilified her.

And, the one particular cowardly patsy who is directly responsible for her son's death, cravenly & shamefully hides behind his ‘security’, refusing to see her and far, far too afraid to face this determined woman.
Now, ain't he just something?

Our shamefully cowardly ‘leader’ will wish he had the courage to face this woman before this is over. May he get what he deserves - what our nation desperately needs is a Regime Change. . . .

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