Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An open letter to my Neo-Con friend Steve

Dear Steve:

Since you voice a strepitous claim to being such a fervently 'patriotic American', and so vociferously are in 'support of our troops' (and even though you've never, ever personally done a DAMNED THING for your country), I am honoring you by making a hefty donation in your name to the following person:

Cindy Sheehan (Mother of Casey Sheehan, a brave young American hero who volunteered for a hazardous mission in Iraq and lost his life as a result. You should receive a 'thank you' note from her soon)

Cindy simply wants to ask your American President to define and explain what he means by America's "Noble Mission" in Iraq which cost her son's life.

I know the CSIC (Chicken-Shit-In-Chief) wants you to believe he's a 'very busy person', what with chasing campaign funds and butt-screwing "Ol' Turd Blossom" (the traitor what am) and all, but it does not seem like a terribly difficult thing to answer Cindy's question. Probably take him maybe a minute or two once he got on a roll, and maybe it could get confusing - but somehow the Chicken-Shit-In-Chief seems to be extraordinarily reluctant to respond to this little bitty question.

As a loudly self-proclaimed 'American patriot', I know you also will be vitally interested in your President's answer, if any.



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  1. I wouldn't hang out with Steve... it's like a friend who picks up a nasty meth habit... dump him!


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