Friday, October 06, 2006

Global Warming Proof

Someone recently sent me some graphical proof of global warming to combat all the nay sayers and obfuscators who claim there's no such thing. This graphic closely correlates to the shrinkage of planetary ice mass on Earth. (click on the images to expand):

Coincidentally some history buffs believe they have now established a strong link between the rise of global temperatures and the average head size of some of the prominent Republican figures over the years. In this case, the head sizes correlate directly and parallel to the global temperature gains over the same time periods:

Some of the less respectful have suggested that this really simply illustrates a Republican "Pig Factor" and does not necessarily relate directly to Global Warming. Personally I think they are one and the same and closely inter-twined.

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  1. That was great.

    I'm sending the briefs picture onto my father in law, maybe it will make him think a little bit.

    Gotta plant the seeds as small as they may be. Who knows maybe it will grow someday.


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