Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vituperative & Foulmouthed?

An acquaintance has wondered if my blog could be considered 'vituperative & foulmouthed' as the Washington Post's David Broder has described certain 'liberal's' blogs.

I like to consider myself as 'progressive' though I wouldn't be surprised to be described as a 'vituperative liberal' by some. Such are the labels used by word gamers these days. I consider myself simply as an 'environmentalist' for example, but invariably find people like me now painted as 'extreme' or 'radical environmentalists' by the likes of Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens or Congressman Don Young even though I've not changed nor done nothing more extreme or radical than publicly express my opinion. Such are the words games that politicians play to marginalize those who don't agree with them. It is just a fact of life today in America.

I do try not to be foulmouthed. A friend once told me that swearing and being foulmouthed was just a manifestation of a lack of imagination and intellect, not to mention vocabulary. I've always considered myself to be 'center of the bird' in the words of comedian Pat Paulsen who humorously ran for President back in Nixon's time. He claimed that having too much left wing or right wing just caused you to fly around in circles. I agree. But, being a 'progressive centrist' lately has meant being shoved (without moving!) way over to the left by the Neo-cons who have now pried the country so far to the right. I did an inventory once not too long ago and realized that I have actually voted for more Republicans than Democrats in my life.

But, my views are changing over the past few years. I now perceive we live in neither a democracy, nor the 'capitalist' society that I've always believed in. Instead, I've belatedly recognized the US is actually under 'corporatism' or 'corporate statism' no matter which party holds the White House. Though admittedly this is far more true under Republicans. In fact, under the present administration our country can quite accurately be called Fascist as I understand the term. My countrymen may not like to hear that, but in my humble opinion that is very close to the truth.

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  1. I would definitely say progressive is a good term and I would agree with being centrist.

    I work and know people who are definite extremes. They're minds are not open, they do not question anything and when pushed to possibly see all sides, they buckle down and refuse to open their minds.

    It's sad to see that corporate which has such the incredible potential with all it's money making powers to do so much good, and yet they are so greedy they do anything but.

    I count my days until I am able to get away from the corporate company I work for who does absolutely 0 community work, pays and treats their employees as if they should be grateful they didn't replace you yet.


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